Okay, so it’s not an edgy photo of me with a camera in my hand.

Instead, it’s simply my daughter Julia, and myself, enjoying an ice cream cone during a family trip to Brussels.

What does this image tell you about me? For one, I have a little girl whom I adore (along with her mother, Susan, who would be in the photo too, but she's the one behind the camera); I appreciate great food (yes, ice cream does qualify!) and I have a passport. But mainly I’d like to think it shows that I’m “down-to-earth people,” not some facade of artistic nobility.

I can't claim to have picked up my first camera when I was seven years old. Well, I may have, but then promptly put it down to go climb trees, ride bicycles, and dream of adventure. It wasn't until after college and a series of career changes that photography came back, um... into the picture.

That was nearly 20 years ago, and I haven’t put my camera down since. My portfolio has developed and broadened from primarily still-life photography to include portraiture. I enjoy it all and don’t limit myself to one discipline. I have yet to figure out a response to the question “what do you shoot?” All I can say is “yes”.

I currently run my studio in the Flatiron district in NYC. My work style encourages open, collaborative relationships with my clients. Much of my talent has been enriched by their insights and inspiration. I’m equally as comfortable working alone in the studio as with having a number of people buzzing around the set.

In essence, I’m a photographer. I work with light and composition. I love exploring ideas that yield visual solutions. I often do my own styling. I work quickly. I get it done.

Did you say ice cream?